Friday, September 22, 2006

Random Thoughts

The Patty Cockrum post on Blog@Newsarama is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Suspension of Disbelief if normally a good thing, but to get that wrapped up in a character (or characters) that neither she nor her husband created is just... I don't know. Sad? Creepy? Absurd?

52 took four of the top nine slots on the August sales charts, each selling over 116,000 copies. Wow. Did anyone at DC think this book would sell these kind of numbers?

Sony's keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show was apparently so dull and uninteresting that the bloggers and journalists in attendance began nodding off during the speech. Has Sony gotten anything right in the last year?

Filming has begun on Richard Matheson's I Am Legend in New York City. For some reason they're changing it from a lone, thoroughly average survivor living in the outskirts of a city, to a military man living alone in Manhattan. So instead of remaking I Am Legend they are actually remaking The Omega Man. Why? I Am Legend is a great story that would translate perfectly as a movie. Why change it so drastically? This is the third time its being made into a movie, and the third time its being drastically changed. Makes no sense.

Black Stone Cherry's self-titled album may be the best debut album I've hear in years. Great, blusey rock.

The trailer for Frank Miller's 300 is a must see.

"Tonight, we dine in Hell"

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